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We are a non-profit music marketing regeneration agency. 

We use the feeling power of music and video storytelling to connect people to nature, protect endangered cultures, and catalyze the Age of Regeneration. We focus on feelings because feelings inspire agency and purposeful action.  



Music is the fastest way to psychologically unite people for a common cause.


Music creates emotional  bonds and connects people to initiatives, ideas, organizations, and brands.


Music moves bodies, hearts, and minds from feelings to actions. Music activates motivation.


Music engages

diverse audience participation.


Mother Earth

What if advertising was beautiful like birdsong?


Imagineering + Ideating

What’s Your Theme Song?

Regeneration Ideation

Ecosystem Mapping

We begin every relationship exploring the idea, What’s Your Theme Song? Music is memorable. Music inspires and music motivates. Music transcends science and data, it goes straight to the heart. This is why every regenerative initiative, organization, and brand needs a theme song! Music marketing for regeneration means that we give meaning to your audiences through music, sound, lyrics, and video narrative. Music is a gift. Regenerative advertising is a gift. This gift creates a reciprocity exchange between your audience and your cause. You don’t just ask for something, you give something that has innate value. We want to uplift people and fill them with a sense of belonging when they participate with you on our collective journey to regeneration. Ecosystem mapping shows us where you are in the world, what networks you connect with, and how you want to grow. We connect your motivation to fundamental human needs and clearly articulate your regeneration superpower. This illuminates music intervention opportunities – do you need an anthem, a piano soliloquy, spoken word, or a jazz jam? This inquiry is the foundation for song lyrics, jingles, and storytelling. Through our collaborative imagination inquiry we shape your essence expression into music.

Creating Your Sound

Designing Your Music Media

Songs | Jingles | Ad (promo) Soundtrack

Music Videos + Short Duration Video Ads

Depending on your project and marketing needs, Earthsongs will collaborate with you to create your sound, produce video media, and amplify meaningful connections with global audiences. Whatever the scope of your project, a 15 second social media ad or a full-length music video, we guarantee your project will feature 100% real music made by real musicians. We ensure all video narrative conveys positive life-affirming visions of the future through regenerative product, services, and idea placement.

Amplifying Your Connection

Music Media Distribution | Social Impact Campaigns

Social Media Design + Implementation

Graphic | Art | Web | Copy Writing

Creating your music media is the first step to transformative regenerative advertising - how you share your media and engage your audience is equally important. We will help you place your media in all the right channels to connect with your current audience and expand your message into new demographics. A key part of media distribution and social design extends from the musicians’ unique fan groups. These audiences can inform how we design the music and how we implement awareness campaigns. For example, contests, giveaways, and live events, merchandise, and designing specific audience actions. We amplify the reach of your message, deepen audience engagement, and create meaning for your audience through powerful music supported by artistic online presence and clear communication.

Activating Your Arts + Culture Strategy

Music Ambassadors

Movement Building + Networking

Funding Partnerships

In the Age of Regeneration, Earthsongs believes every organization and business needs a music-based arts and culture strategy. Music enlivens and creates meaningful connections. Music is the fastest way to psychologically unique people from diverse backgrounds for a common cause. We will find you a Music Ambassador for your cause. We will help you develop this relationship for optimal collaboration. Working with our network of regenerative lifestyle brands, we can help you develop branded merchandise. We can help your or your network create a biovinyl record album as a marketing and revenue tool. We can design interactive events that showcase your work to global audiences. We can introduce your to our global peer network, help you find brand partnerships, and new ways to bring music into your work. Music is one of the most antique attributes of being human. Music is culture. Every flower has a unique pollinator; every song connects to unique audiences. The more songs we share, the more music we create together, the more our movement will grow and flourish until we are a symphony of sounds uniting humanity in a common purpose.

Trendy Neon Background

Songs of Regeneration

Music moves movements because music moves people.




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Earthsongs Creative Ecosystem

We are a convivial ecosystem of collaborators. We are a holobiont!

We are musicians, filmmakers, audio engineers, regeneration designers, art designers, copy writers, activist campaigners, futurists, and creative producers.

We can produce a wide range of media products and campaigns at multiple price points.

We work on a sliding scale. If you are pursuing regeneration, we will get you music!

Our Advisors.

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Wildlife Background


We grow these values by partnering with esteemed organizations dedicated to growing regeneration as a way of life.

Reverence for Nature

Rekindle Sacred Role of Music

Regenerate Living Resilience 

Respect Indigenous Wisdom 

Revitalize Wild Lands, Skies, Waters

Reciprocity kinship with Mother Earth

Remember Our Legendary Ancestors

Restore Beauty to Our Way of Life

Replenish Human Vitality

Restore Ecosystems

Regenerate Soils

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