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Protect All Wild Places, Species, Ecosystems

  • Mother Earth Is a Sacred Living Being

  • The more-than-human world is our Kin

  • Mother Earth is Not a Resource, Stock, Asset, or Capital

  • Endorse the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

  • Protect 30% of Earth by 2030

  • Protect Half Earth, 50% of Lands + Oceans, by 2050

  • Make Ecocide Illegal

  • Preserve the Sounds of Nature - Make Quiet Parks Everywhere

  • Protect and Grow Wild Well-Being + Wild Happiness

Feelings = Action

Wildlife Background

To Realize Our Urgent Demands

Earthsongs music campaigns amplify the message of global-local initiatives working to Protect Nature, Safeguard Indigenous Wisdom, and Accelerate Regeneration.

Earthsongs Music Collective unites the world's musicians to inspire reverence for Nature and a Universal Sense of Kinship with Beautiful Mother Earth.


Earthsongs, songs of regeneration, are humanity's original music genre. Our organization didn't invent earthsongs; we are naming a human expression that has existed forever.

Earthsongs Music Catalog is a collection of humanity's intangible cultural heritage. We want to collect tens of thousands of songs. Curating and sharing this music is the basis of our Theory of Change.


Music is the fastest way to unite people for a common cause, which is why we think we can build a global movement by connecting to the world's musicians and their fans one song at-a-time.

Earthsongs is a non-profit music marketing agency supporting non-profit organizations, regenerative brands, and visionaries. We work on a sliding scale. We use revenues to produce global feeling-action campaigns.


A Call To Feel Is A Call To Heal

Earthsongs core purpose is to amplify-endorse-champion a cohort of organizations and initiatives that we believe contain the seeds for regenerative futures. Music campaigns engage global popular culture in humanity's greatest ever quest: #DestinationRegeneration.


Wisdom for Regeneration

Visionaries We Follow

We are standing at the crossroads of the Metacrisis, the futures of all life of Earth needs us.

How can we learn to follow our hearts to the future?

How do we make sense of our direction when we can't see the path?

How can we remember our original sacred inheritance – our ancient primordial sense of belonging to Mother Earth?

How can we unlearn the forms of industrial capitalism, slavery, and oppression?

We have to learn our way forward. We know we need humility. We know we must heal from the diseases of empire, righteousness, and supremacy.

We listen to those who have the wisdom, mastery, and capability to guide us.

Urgent Call: Protect Mother Earth

Gaia Doctrine

Urgent Call to

Protect Mother Earth


We Amplify Regeneration

Earthsongs is fiscally sponsored by

The SEEDS Project 501(c)3 is based in California.

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