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Now Is The Time

Nicasio, California

Dear friends!

We are in an extreme planetary emergency.

Perhaps the most perilous in human history.

A global ecological poly-crisis.

I know you know.

Human ignorance, greed, plunder and pollution are causing the annihilation of biodiversity and ecosystems to a terrifying degree.




Leaders are not leading, despite abundant warnings from science, indigenous communities, and civil society.

Modern ‘civilization’ (highly un-civil, really) has become dependent on planet-killing systems for its survival, and hooked on behaviors that destroy nature.

We must de-escalate. Now.

There is pervasive terminal amnesia of our interdependence with Nature, of our non-separateness.

We must remember. Now.

Widespread ‘Wetiko’, a sociopathic mind-virus that has normalized plunder and supremacy, is killing the planet.

We must call it out, heal it. Now.

Music To The Rescue.

I have been on a life-long quest to bring my passion for music together with my love for the exquisite miracle that is the natural world.

It is out of this quest that Earth Songs emerged.

Songs of praise for the miracle of Nature.

Songs that demand protection and regeneration.

Please join this movement.

Music moves us in ways that statistics, science, and policy, (though necessary!) can’t.

Let's inspire through song, invoke and imagine a world restored and protected, create new cultural norms that de-escalate and regenerate, celebrate and protect biodiversity and ethnodiversity.

Our lives and the lives of future generations - of all species - literally depend on it.

All Blessings,

Troy Lush

Troy Lush
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