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Music To The Rescue!

Now Is The Time is a campaign and a song created by musician and Earthsongs Founder, Troy Lush. Troy's campaign is the seed sprout for our musical vision of people united to Protect Mother Earth, restore damaged ecosystems, and create a global society of regenerative, life-affirming cultures.

Artist Vision

My wish is to create and curate a diverse collection of Now Is the Time voices from around the world speaking and singing their vision and action with a tone of contagious celebration. I

Now Is The Time campaign features diverse voices and the power of song and story to celebrate and invite participation in solutions to challenges facing humanity.

Now Is The Time invites all people to share a cultural meme of what is not only possible, but already happening to make the world a better place.


“Now Is The Time for _______!”


Now Is The Time song has been performed many times at events and rallies. It has been sung by grassroots choirs, kids, community activists, lovers of music of all ages (amateurs), and seasoned professionals.

Music Ambassador

Movement Building

Inspiration Activation

Call To Feel - Call To Action

 There was an incredible moment during the Keystone XL Pipeline Protest at the White House. More than 15,000 people surrounded the White House arm-in-arm demanding leadership to stop the pipeline. As people returned to the center stage, I got the crowd singing Now Is The Time in front of the White House. Everyone was unified in sound and the transformational power of music – it was an incredible moment of emotional unity and shared sense of urgency.

Add Your Voice To Now Is The Time

On November 6, 2011 Justice Through Music Project teamed up with California-based activist musician Troy Lush to debut "Now Is The Time" at the anti-XL Pipeline Rally in Lafayette Park in front of the White House.


Activists and organizations were protesting against the Canadian tar sands project. Almost 15,000 people circled the White House urging President Obama to stop the XL Pipeline project.


The next day, President Obama put a hold on the project for studies to determine the environmental impact.

Love the Earth

Campaign Collaborators

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Music Makes Magic


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Earthsongs is fiscally sponsored by

The SEEDS Project 501(c)3 based in California.

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