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The Last Generation on Earth

Bioregion: The artificial asphalt paradise between the Southern California desert and the ocean.

This song is my expression of the sadness and frustration of the state of humanity when money and power means more than survival. My video is meant to be a semi-comprehensive view of the state of the health of our planet and the likelihood of having a future on it.

We are at a point in time when even a small individual step in the right direction can unite us together into an insurmountable movement for the preservation of our planet, our personal stories, our art and music, and our love. A perseverance that nothing can stop, and success will be our continuation into the next page of our history.


Thank you to Greenpeace for diligently documenting the state of our world. Much of the footage we were looking for seems to have been carefully erased from the collective online memory, as if someone doesn’t want it to be seen.

Additional Song + Video Credits 

“The Last Generation on Earth”
Performed by Jack T. Leyton
Produced and Recorded by Jim Jeffrey
Production support provided by
Creative Director Steven Leavitt
Video edited by Marc Chester for Edge9 Media and Will Payne for Bonsai Sun Films
Special thanks to Jessica Skyfield and Danielle Krey
We are grateful to Greenpeace’s Media Library for the gracious use of their images.
© Richard Lutzbauer / Greenpeace
© Bernd Lauter / Greenpeace
© Richard Bluecloud Castaneda / Greenpeace
© Michael Short / Greenpeace
© Amanda J. Mason / Greenpeace
© Dean Miller / Greenpeace
We are also grateful to those videographers that choose to share their media within the creative sphere (CC-BY)  for use elsewhere. R L Miguel Á. Padriñán Pressmaster Taryn Elliot Kelly Lacy Derwin Edwards CityXcape Pavel  Danilyuk Ruvim Miksanskiy cottonbro
Stock footage downloaded from
Stock footage provided by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, National Conservation Training Center, Creative Imagery, downloaded from
Stock footage provided by vdefilippo, downloaded from
What in the World Are They Spraying Up There? Dir. Michael J. Murphy. DVD. 2010.
flikr: Christian Cable
commons.wikimedia: 1599px-Hippo_Trophy-1
commons.wikimedia: Sue TRex Replica Skull
©Eric Haynes

Words and Music by Jack T. Leyton, additional Music by Jim Jeffrey ©2019 All rights reserved


Words and Music by Jack T. Leyton, additional Music by Jim Jeffrey ©2019 All rights reserved Album Art and Thumbnail Design by Josh Dobrowner Photo courtesy


Your awareness of the issue helps to change the tide. Be kind to yourself and the planet.

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