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California, USA

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Troy Lush is a lifelong professional music composer, producer, and performer. Early in his music career, he was a Warner Brothers recording artist and a Warner Chappell published songwriter. One of his favorite songwriting highlights was composing the anthem, One World One Dream, for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

As a musician, for over two decades he has focused on systemic interventions to avert the global polycrisis and ways that music can unite people and change the course of history. His anthem, Now Is The Time, is an expression of his passion and his ability to bring people together with music.


Troy is committed to leveraging the power of music, message and imagery, events, and innovations in communications technology to help catalyze new global cultures that protect and respect the Earth and all species. Troy believes that an inspired and informed citizenry can discover purpose individually and collectively by engaging in solutions to the challenges of our time.

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