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Our hearts are filled with gratitude and reverence for the unabating, gorgeous gem-filled generosity of beautiful Mother Earth.

She gives us everything - air to breath, food to eat, water to drink, fibers to clothe our bodies, and fibers to give us shelter. She gives us flowers, starry skies, rainbows, tide pools, mountain vistas, snowflakes, honey badgers, endless colors, and smells, and textures.

Mother Earth gave us all of our first instruments. She gave us her gourds, her skins, hollow reeds, intestines, hair, bones, and grass.

She gave us rhythm, melody, bodies to dance and voices to sing.

Air Pollution


Earthsongs Advisors

Our dream for Earthsongs sprouted in 2018.

For many moons, she was a small glowing ember that we kept alive nestled next to beating hearts slowly growing our vision with the help from these great humans and their generous heart-felt gift of their time, creative enthusiasm, critique, and brilliance.

We are privileged and blessed to receive Wisdom and Guidance from our peers.

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