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Music To The Rescue!!


Joining Is FREE!

We are inviting all musicians to come together to raise human consciousness.

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Participation is voluntary.  Share our messages with your fans! Join our Patreon.

Engage on social.

We Don't Sell Your Music!

We prioritize the integrity of your art! You are respected and protected in our community.

We Amplify Artists

We share your song on our website and social channels. We feature musicians in our podcast, campaigns, and in our patreon community.


Earthsongs Influencer

Be a music regeneration influencer. Tell Your Fans. Your sounds are the seeds of regenerative culture.

Add our logo to social posts. Share our campaigns with your fans. Earthsongs Media Kit gives you what you need!

Get Featured

 Earthsongs invites the collective to actively participate in campaigns, participate in our podcast, and get featured in our Patreon community.

Professional Opportunity

Members of the Music Collective are join our Creator Ecosystem. We produce music-infused awareness action campaigns. We help organizations implement arts and culture strategies.

Sonic Seed Bank

Access our collection of bird sounds, whale songs, sounds of trees, and water; we gather earth prayers, invocations, and visionary inspiration from thought leaders, Indigenous Wisdom Keepers, and youth.

Share your earthsong!
Engage your fans. Inspire Regeneration.


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