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Gaia Doctrine


Image by Eugene Golovesov


Protect All Wild Places, Species, Ecosystems

  • Mother Earth Gaia Is a Sacred Living Being

  • The more-than-human world is our Kin

  • Mother Earth is Not a Resource, Stock, Asset, or Capital

  • Ratify: Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth

  • Protect 50% of Lands + Oceans by 2050

  • Make Ecocide Illegal in the International Court

  • Preserve Nature's Sounds | Make Quiet Parks Everywhere

  • Protect Wild Well-Being + Grow Wild Happiness

  • Protect our Biodiversity Global Safety Net

  • Protect Endangered Cultures | Safeguard Indigenous Wisdom



Gaia Doctrine


River surrounded by forest

How do we make sense of our direction when we can't see the path?

We are at the crossroads of the Metacrisis. The known path leads to degeneration. We can't see the path to regeneration but we know it is a possibility. We also know that there are infinite paths to regeneration because Earth shows us through her biodiversity there are millions of regenerative ways to flourish.


How can we remember our original sacred inheritance – our

ancient primordial sense of belonging to Mother Earth?

We know have to learn our way forward. We know we need humility. We know we must heal from the diseases of empire, righteousness, and supremacy. How can we unlearn the forms of industrial capitalism, slavery, and oppression?

How can we learn to follow our hearts to the future?


Who can we listen to?

Who has the wisdom, mastery, intellectual humility, moral maturity, and visionary capability to guide us?

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